Why does architecture matter to me?

Architecture encourages intricate connections between various elements in life and it offers a delicate balance between shapes, space, and geometry, which in turn, influences how humans interact with their environment. My passion for architectural photography stems from my desire to capture the profound essence of a place and be able to open the lens into the architects’ authentic intentions.  

It becomes an act of understanding the invisible structures and revealing them through images that truly enhance the human power to build extraordinary spaces out of ordinary ones. Light, shadows and textures of a built-environment work together to create quality of space. I am compelled to photograph this beauty in its functional purpose.

My training in architecture at the University of Milan, and my 15-years' experience in architecture and interior design have had an enormous impact on my work as a photographer and my solid background in this field continues to nourish my direction. Barbara Tili Photography flourishes at the intersection between the incredible forms of architecture, interior design and visual art.

Barbara Tili Photography creates refined imagery for award-winning architectural and interior design projects, focusing on conveying the function and value of a project with extraordinary visuals.  Function expresses how architecture can be explored by its users with the invisible life around it. Value testifies how its presence positively affects the environment.

Our photographic service is a portal of all these elements, that strives to enhance the value of your brand.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.